The Shafer family has been involved in tractor pulling since the 1970’s. The three brothers, Todd, Terry, and Tom, were all involved in FFA and 4-H. While showing hogs at the Perry County Fair, they would sneak away from the barn to watch the tractor pulls even before they were big enough to drive. They all loved the competition between the different colors of tractors, such as red, green, orange, and blue. In the late 1970’s, Todd would also go to the pulls with his uncles who pulled a John Deere 2030 in the Field Farm Stock class in Glenford. They continued pulling at this event until the Glenford Lions Club, who ran the Glenford tractor pulls, disbanded. After that happened, they continued to pull in other locations across southern Ohio, such as McArthur and Pomeroy.

bossoldAn older photo of Tom and The Boss.

When the Glenford Lions Club started meeting again in the 1990’s, The Shafer brothers were instrumental in helping them get the tractor pull events started again. Terry and Tom both pulled tractors at the Glenford pulls and helped get the Hot Farm class going there. Soon other fairs and communities started picking up their class, and the brothers let someone else start running the class at Glenford so they could start traveling to other locations and network with other pullers across the state.

In 2010 the NTPA added the 8500 pound Light Pro Stock class. Tom started pulling The Boss in this class in 2011, and the rest is history.

IMG_20150919_175609591_HDRaThe Boss Pulling Team pictured with Mr. Kent Enderle (second from left) after winning the Regional Light Pro Stock Class at the 29th Enderle Pull-Off in Urbana, Ohio on September 19, 2015.