Meet the Team

The Boss at the 29th Enderle Pull-Off

Tom Shafer – Driver

Tom grew up in a farming family, and has farmed his whole life. He has always been driving tractors. Tom’s first recollection of tractor pulling was back in the early 1970’s. He remembers going to watch his uncles pull at the Glenford tractor pulls. Back then they were using cement weights for the sled. The competition between the different colors and brands of tractors was always the most exciting part for him. His family had International Harvester tractors, while almost everyone else they knew had John Deere tractors. That just added to the excitement of the competition.

Tom has always been the most competitive brother, and like he tells people, he likes to “go for the jugular.” In 1987, before finishing high school, Tom took a tractor to a local county fair. He did pretty good, but didn’t win. That’s when he got the fever.

In 1994 Tom and his friend Eddy Lynn took an old International tractor of Eddy’s and used it as the base for their new pulling tractor. They started building it from the ground up, and soon they were pulling it in the Hot Farm class. They called the tractor The Boss, and they pulled at all the local county fairs. Soon events all over the state started to pick up the class. It slowly turned into what it is now.

In 2010, the NTPA started the 8500 pound Light Pro Stock tractor pulling class. Tom had been pulling for sixteen years at this point, and he decided that it was time to move up to compete in a more competitive class. Tom and Todd modified The Boss so it met the requirements for this class. It took a few years to figure out how things worked with the bigger tires and motors.

In 2012 Tom went to the dyno in Michigan for the first time. The Boss Pulling Team had always worked on all of their motors from day one, and had learned how to make them run on their own. But once they went to the dyno, they really learned the nuances of everything, what it takes to really make it tick, and what they were doing wrong that they never realized. With the help of Ryan Salenbien, they were steered down the right path of using different parts suppliers instead of using just one exclusively. Tom now deals with multiple people and suppliers. Everything seems to work better. During the last four years, Tom and his team have turned The Boss into one of the strongest tractors in its class.


Jesse Shafer – Driver

Bio coming soon!


Todd Shafer

Todd Shafer – Pit Crew

Todd has lived in Glenford his entire life, and has also been farming his entire life. Farming is in his blood. When he was a child, he followed his grandfather and father around while they were working around the farm, and he always loved the work. He is self-taught, and learned through hands-on experience. He also studied agriculture after graduating high school at The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster, where he earned his Associate’s degree in Applied Sciences.

After receiving his degree, he moved back to Glenford and started working on the family farm. He also owned and ran a grain elevator and feed supply store for farmers. Eventually he switched gears and left the business to focus full-time on farming. He plants corn, soy beans, and wheat. He used to raise hogs, but now raises cattle and sheep. He also helps at the Muskingum Livestock auction every week.

Through his work, he has always been around and on tractors. His time showing hogs at the Perry County Fair while he was growing up really got him exposed to tractor pulling. When his brother Terry started helping with the Glenford Lions Club tractor pulls in the mid-1990’s, Todd and his brother Tom joined in and helped too. When Tom and his friend Eddy Lynn started building The Boss, Todd started helping them. He has really enjoyed seeing The Boss grow from the ground up into the pulling tractor it is today.

At the tractor pulls, Todd helps as a member of the pit crew. He ensures the tractor is ready before each event by doing things like checking the air pressure in the tires, helping with the weights, and reading the track. He also films each driver in their class so he and Tom can review the recordings after each pull to study what went right and wrong with each pull so they can continue to learn and improve.

Terry Shafer

Terry Shafer – Pit Crew and Driver

Terry went to his first tractor pull in 1975, and didn’t get home until 4:00 a.m. the next morning. He absolutely loved it, and couldn’t wait to attend more pulls. In 1981 he took one of his family’s farm tractors to the local fair and started pulling. He continued to participate at pulls with his brothers, and in 1985 they took two farm tractors to the Perry County fair. It was around this time that they also started to go to a few NTPA pulls to watch the more competitive tractors, and that’s what really made him want to get even more involved in the sport.

In 1990, after he married his wife Gayla, Terry purchased a Cockshutt 50 tractor to pull with. He started going to pulls at various county fairs that year. In 1991, he attended seven pulls and placed second and third. He decided that the tractor wasn’t hot enough, and bought a different farm tractor from Indiana in 1992. He did all the necessary mechanical work to turn the tractor, Bad Company, into a pulling tractor. He pulled that tractor in the Hot Farm class, and participated against the same eight or nine people at each event and did well. He kept adding more power to it, and now he also competes in NTPA pulls in the Light Pro Stock class.

Terry was instrumental in helping the Glenford Lions Club start their tractor pulling events in the 1990’s. Eventually, once the events were up and running smoothly, Terry started traveling to and participating in tractor pulls at other fairs and communities around the state with his brothers. He still continues to help at the Glenford Lions Club pulls with various tasks, such as rebuilding the track, to this day.

Terry owns Power Parts Engineering, Inc. in Glenford. It is a full service truck and tractor pulling engine and clutch shop that specializes in manufacturing high performance clutches to specifications. He also builds and sells complete engines and parts, as well as fuel systems and injectors.

Tim McKown

Tim McKown – Pit Crew

Tim started working for Tom in 2006 at Nick’s Somerset Pizza, which is owned by Tom Shafer, as a delivery driver. After approximately six months of working at the pizza business, Tom asked Tim if he would like to help work on his pulling tractor. The rest is history! Tim started going to tractor pulls, and he helped work on the tractor when he was not in school or working.

Tim started working on the Shafer’s farm with Todd in 2008, allowing him to be around the sport even more. He has learned most of his mechanic skills from both farm work and working on the pulling tractor. Being able to see the tractor grow from a Farm Stock to a Light Pro Stock has been an amazing experience for him. He has attended almost all of the NTPA Light Pro Stock events as a team member over the last four years. The entire team has a lot of fun participating in this sport, and they and have met so many people and made several friends over the last four years. Tim hopes that The Boss Pulling Team can continue to participate for many more years, and continue to grow professionally.



Beth Santore – Public Relations

Beth is the newest crew member, and she never dreamed that she would get involved with a tractor pulling team. In 2014 she volunteered to help as Todd Shafer’s campaign manager when he was running for Perry County Commissioner. One of her tasks was creating a campaign website, which included an “Other Interests” section. That is when she found out about his passion for tractor pulling, and attended a couple pulls with him to take photos for the website. Beth had attended many tractor pulls at the Fairfield County Fair when she was younger, and did enjoy them. However, she finds them even more exciting now that she knows one of the drivers and teams. She tries to attend as many pulls as possible to help cheer on The Boss.

Although Beth has no mechanical skills, she does have technical skills since she has worked in the IT industry as a software tester since 1999.  She has helped as a crew member with public relations, technical tasks such as web and email, and social media.